Brad and Angelina heat things up…


There is something magical about sitting around an open fire watching the flames flicker and dance.

Sitting by the fire, flames flickering...


When it comes to designing an outdoor living space, a fire pit has real appeal. Maybe it is the call of our stone age ancestors or the flash backs to the care free nature of one’s childhood, toasting marsh mallows over an open flame – either way it adds a whole new dimension to the space.

A quick Google search will reveal some truly awful and uninspiring examples of fire pits that would have Pele the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, or Brigit the Celtic Goddess of Fire a blaze in anger. Thankfully William Dangar, founder of Robert Plumb has brought the fire pit back to its rightful place in outdoor living design with the Brad or the Angelina fire pits. Both fire pits are beautifully crafted from quality material in stylish designs that I believe will truly stand the test of time.  

Brad Fire Pit by Robert Plumb

I love that they have been made from Corten or Weathering steel. The magic of Corten is that it reacts with oxygen to naturally produce a rich rust oxide patina but without unduly compromising the durability of the object. Unlike other metal that when affected by the elements rust away, this coating actually protects it from any deeper corrosion – genius!

Angelina Fire Pit by Robert Plumb

The best bit is they are available at Eco Outdoor! If you have never visited these amazing shops this is your excuse. They stand by a desire to see truly innovative outdoor spaces and stock an amazing range of products to help you achieve something really special in your design – from exquisite stone wall and floor tiles, contemporary designed outdoor furniture and of course the Brad and Angelina fire pits!

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2 Responses to Brad and Angelina heat things up…

  • Joanne Mitchell says:

    I am looking for a fire pit made from Cor-ten steel to use as a succulent planter(a large shallow bowl similar to the Angelina Fire Pit) Can you tell me please how much this would cost
    Jo Mitchell

    • Oliver says:

      Hello Jo,

      That would be be a fabulous feature. You would need to talk to Robert Plumb to get an exact price but depending on size I think you would be looking at between $1000-1400. If you were going to be using it as a fire pit in winter and a planter box in summer this may be in your budget.

      Plan B would be to talk to the Hardware Village as they do a 90cm corten firepit for about $150

      Love to hear how you go!

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