A little bit of cool by the Vintage Fridge Company

I think there is something wonderful about an obsolete but beautiful item being brought back to life. Take the old Ice Boxes of the 1850’s to 1940’s – before the introduction of the electric refrigerators, these helped revolutionise the standard of living for the everyday person.


We take it for granted now that our food can be kept fresher for longer but back then this was something new and amazing.


Sitting proudly in my local vintage store is an old Ice Box. I like things with a past. I enjoy thinking about their story – where has it come from, how far has it travelled, who were the previous owners… and in the case of this Ice Box, I love its worn hardwood doors and heavy duty handles – it’s so delightfully wabi sabi.


I often walk by it wishing I could bring it back to life. I love the idea of some history and heritage in the kitchen – after all it is the heart of the home. A lot of todays design is about ultra sleek chrome or brushed stainless steel – sometimes it just ends up feeling a bit souless and cold.


Traditional hardwood Ice box (image from the Vintage Fridge Company)


Thankfully there is someone that is doing something about saving these historic pieces. John Bodrell is the mastermind behind The Vintage Fridge Company. He is well known in his field for his vast experience in reclaiming and renovating some really interesting and unusual items.


He is now working his magic on transforming the humble ice box into working fridges.


His goal is to not do anything that will detract from the authenticity of the original item and to allow its history to shine, yet at the same time be fully functional.


The retrofitted results of the hardwood ice box (image from the Vintage Fridge Company)


If you ask me that’s very cool (no pun intended)…

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