The Finders Keepers Brisbane Market Spring/Summer 2011

The Finder Keepers Market Spring/Summer 2011 - Brisbane (artwork by The Hungry Workshop)

Brisbane bower birds and treasure hunters can once again rejoice as the Old Museum will play host to the legendary Finders Keepers design & art markets. They are a brilliant place to see genuine Australian talent overflowing in almost every creative form. This is your chance to meet some great independent artists and designers and see their work first hand.

But wait there’s more… You can also chill out and listen to some great music.


Music Lineup

Saturday 5th November:
11-11.40 Alan Boyle
12-12.40 Eleanor Angel
1-1.40 Blackwood Willow
2-2.40 Dave Flower Band
3-3.40 Alex Henriksson

Sunday 6th November:
11-11.40 Bec Laughton
12-12.40 Ilona Harker
1-1.40 Phil Smith
2-2.40 Chrislyn Hamilton
3-3.40 We the Ghosts


The poster for this event has really captured the spirit for me. Melbourne based The Hungry Workshop are masters of typography and illustration and yet again they have excelled. The design is so clever in its simplicity to define what the whole event is about. I think it is best summed up in their own words…

The bright, bold, geometric design joins two simple symbols of the found and the kept. Feathers are found, sought after and collected. They represent personality, not only defining a species of bird but also symbolising a free spirit. It’s a natural and organic element which contrasts the key. Keys are carefully crafted and used to keep, or unlock and set free. They represent an unseen value, a treasure or a secret. Both represent individuality and we think together, they sum up The Finders Keepers experience quite well.” – The Hungry Workshop

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