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How do you bring Mother Nature to a small office space?

As humans we thrive when surrounded by mother nature. There is nothing new in me telling you that that.

Its all great in theory and then you find yourself sitting in your office cubicle feeling a bit like the mouse on the running wheel and not a Sky Planter or Woolly Pocket in sight…


Bad office layout and a lack of greenery has been proven time and again to have a direct correlation to:

  • high staff turnover
  • increased sick days
  • higher levels of stress
  • poor concentration
  • lower work efficiency

Not great for the business owner or the staff.


Nidolab (an Argentine architecture and interior design firm) have taken the challenge and with just 54 m2 have created this space:

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Take what you need…

Serendipity – “the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it

I love it when in a seemingly normal, everyday setting you stumble across something wonderful and unexpected. Today, on my way to a meeting I walked past a notice board with the following message pinned up amongst the offers of maths tutors, dog walkers and requests for flat mates…

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