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Happy Hogmanay!

As midnight approaches may I wish you all a festive end to 2012…


Candle in a mason jar

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Merry Christmas!

Pantone Universe christmas tree ornament

Pantone Universe Christmas Tree Ornament


Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

(Is this not the perfect Christmas tree decoration for a colour consultant or interior designer?)



The End Of The World (and I feel fine)…

As the Mayan Long Count calendar slowly ticks over to mark the beginning of the 13th b’ak’tunIt, the news is full of the uplifting tale that it could all be cactus for us.

It seems a bit mean spirited for the world to end just before Santa’s imminent arrival.

I will be a bit miffed that I endured the torture of Christmas shopping for it all to come to an end before the recipients get a chance to open their presents and marvel at my good work.


Exploding Earth (image from Okomakiako on DeviantArt)

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Haiku Fans… A breath of fresh air

Christmas in the southern hemisphere has one thing in common – the mercury continues to rise…
I imagine the thing most people crave over the summer period is a cool breeze.

Sadly most of those people will look up at their ceiling and see something that resembles a propeller on the WWII Lancaster bomber. Turn it on and you will get the suitable take off sound effect to match…

What if it didn’t have to be this way? Imagine if someone designed a ceiling fan that was stylish, energy efficient and quiet…

Meet the Haiku fan:


Haiku Fan in Cocoa (image by Haiku Fans)

Haiku Fan in Cocoa (image by Haiku Fans)

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A recipe for community spirit from a laundry

Sweet delights at the Vergennes Laundry (image from Corey Hendrickson)

Sweet delights at the Vergennes Laundry (image from Corey Hendrickson)


In Vergennes, Vermont’s smallest and oldest city sat an old vacant laundry. Julianne Jones and her husband Didier Murat had an idea. With the addition of a custom made wood-fired brick oven they could transform the space into a traditional bakery.

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