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Sleep with the fishes…

Doing the same old thing every day does nothing for a creative mind. How can you hope to see the world differently if your senses are dulled by the drudgery of a never ending routine? Sometimes you have to step away from your normal Mon to Fri 9-5 and do something completely different…


Which is why I found myself lying on a beach looking up at the sky. There is something very hypnotic about the waves as they wash up onto the beach over and over again…


I’m not sure how long I fell asleep for but it was an amazing feeling to wake up to the sight of clouds moving overhead and the sound of the ocean in my ears…


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Staring at the wall – a case of abstract expressionism…

Do you ever find yourself staring at a wall transfixed?

Whilst exploring wallpaper options for a client I found this amazing design, Expressions by Mr Perswall.


Bedroom with “Expressions” Wallpaper by Mr Perswall (image from Mr Perswall)


The design has an abstract quality that is full of life.

Although it is neutral in tone it has a depth to it and a feeling of real magic… Continue reading

Sea Fever – The Spinnaker Chair

Can you imagine setting off for an adventure on the high seas?
The snap of the sail as it catches the wind…
The invigoration you feel as you inhale the salt air…
The movement under your feet as your vessel begins to run…

Norwegian designers from Scenario and Hødnebø have teamed up to create a unique chair. They wanted to blend that sense of freedom you get from sailing with a contemporary chair design.
The Spinnaker Chair was born.


The Spinnaker Chair created by Scenario and Hodnebo design teams

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A French Lesson by Double Merrick

What captivates me with a beautiful design is more than just its initial beauty, it’s the story behind how it came to be and the emotions and memories they can bring back.


Take Merrick Angle of Double Merrick fame, he is part illustrator/designer and part visual story teller.

An Englishman based in rural France and working out of a picturesque studio.

Hopefully with a glass of vin perched precariously on the desk…


I feel immediately sentimental when I look at his work and can’t help but grin.

They capture the essence of those wonderful old charts that used to hang in schoolrooms.


Le Ciel (image by Double Merrick)

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