Daily Archives: July 31, 2012

Using Duckfat to find the perfect cushion…

One of the really fun and rewarding parts of my job is Item Sourcing. This is when a client has a concept of what they want but no idea where to get it from. It is a wonderful feeling to see their faces light up when you produce the perfect thing they have spent frustrating weeks/months/years searching for.


The brief to my current Sherlock Holmes assignment began with “We love to cook. We want our kitchen to really become the heart of the home”. This was closely followed by “We love vintage & handmade over soulless and mass produced…”


The task was to find the perfect cushions to bring the big window seat in the kitchen alive and to start to give the space some real personality that the clients identified with.


For this recipe to succeed we need some DuckfatContinue reading