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SJ Bookcase by We Do Wood

A new client lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Brisbane river.

Its views are what makes this inner city unit a real find and the wall to ceiling windows make for the perfect feature wall to maximise the view.

It’s one challenge is its petite size.


The first part of the client’s brief is for Sabi Style to find a green/sustainable solution to showcase some of their amazing collection of treasures brought back from their travels.

Our goal is to find something that will enhance rather than make the space feel cramped or awkward.


The solution is the SJ Bookcase by Danish designers from We Do Wood.


Sustainably designed "SJ Bookcase" by Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen from We Do Wood (image from We Do Wood)

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How do you make a creative concept work in your house?

I am a great believer that a successful design is all about working WITH your space.

If you want your home to look like a New York loft apartment then buy a New York loft apartment not a Victorian terraced house.

A great example of making a space really work has to be the creative fitout by interior designer Gary McBournie of Gary McBournie Inc to a Nantucket fisherman’s cottage.

Taking inspiration from photos of 1920 yachts and vintage boating posters he has created a space that is fresh, easy to live in but importantly has that feeling being the real deal. You can almost smell the sea air!


Boathouse Kitchen by interior designer Gary McBournie (Image from House Beautiful by Christopher Baker)


He has embraced the space and not been afraid to allow its history to shine. Continue reading

Dana Tanamachi – Chalk Letterer and teacher in the beauty of transcience…

There is something magical in this day and age about receiving a hand written invitation.

Maybe it’s because the person went to so much extra trouble, maybe because there is something so much more beautiful in the handmade and hand created…


Dana Tanamachi (image by Spencer Heyfron for the Wall Street Journal)


I think that might be why I am so drawn (no pun intended) to the work of Dana Tanamachi.

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What does Easter mean to you?


I have been pondering what it’s all about. Easter that is. At first glance it seems to be a time when religion and confectionery mix, which when you think about is a bizarre mix!


Take the Easter bunny… It all stems from a Northwest European folklore about a hare that gave out coloured eggs to children that were good. Now given that the hare (or rabbit) and eggs have been a symbol of fertility and it occurs in spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) – a time of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Its fairly clear the message is about a new beginning. Continue reading