Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

A taste of Adventure – HF Triple Dopp Kit By Matthew Swaggart

If most people came across some old rope buried away in an antiques shop they would pass it by in their search for real treasure.


But then they’re not the talented photographer Matthew Swaggart.


In a flash of inspiration he has brought an icon back to its former glory. He has paired his find with a rugged leather to create the HF Triple Dopp kit. The Dopp kit was originally created by a leather craftsman in 1919 called Charles Doppelt (yep, hence the name) and was widely used by the American GI’s during WWII.


HF Triple by Mathew Swaggart (image by SwaggART)


It was often given to young men on their birthday when they reached that age that they were no longer an adolescent but now a man. This is a huge day in a young man’s life and the simple yet practical item is so much more than just a toiletry case, rather it is that first step to the adventure that lies ahead. Continue reading