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Leap Day – 29th February

I love Leap Day.
I have always liked the notion of a year that is just that little bit different.

There is an old Irish legend tells the story of how in the 5th Century, St Bridget of Kildare struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men (and not just the other way around) – so every Leap Year the roles are now reversed.


1908 Postcard - Leap Year "The Maiden's Vow"


1908 Postcard - Leap Year "Maiden's Eagerly Awaiting"


1908 Postcard - Leap Year "Fine Specimen"


A Leapling is a person born today. One of the great stories about a Leapling has to be Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera “The Pirates of Penzance” which debuted in 1880. Continue reading

Designing a Nursery – an initial concept


I have started work designing a nursery this week. The brief was simple:

  • “A space that is about fun, joy of life, exploration and adventure…”
  • “A world that is full of opportunities”
  • “And something that is fun for the parent to be in and release their inner child”


The seed of an idea, like a small child, is a fragile thing. It needs to be nurtured so that it has a chance to grow to its full potential. Whilst not all my initial thoughts and ideas will make the final design, I like to give them a chance to see where they may go and indeed how they might grow.


My first step is to create a mood board to help put all the ideas into a more coherent design concept (and eventually the final board will be something to show to the parents to get them excited).

As with any design I think it is good to take the overall theme and work on the key pieces. Once they are sorted the focus will shift to the smaller details that are vital to really finish the space.

I like to work with what already exists in a space to try and see if there is an opportunity to build a relationship between the inside and the outside.

In this case the house is surrounded by trees so the concept is going to be a picnic in the forestContinue reading

Hide and Seek by Solenne Morigeaud

I think it is great when someone uses their talents to further a great cause. Take French designer Solenne Morigeaud and her floor design “Hide and Seek”.


Hide and Seek by Solenne Morigeaud


She wanted to draw attention to the many plants that are facing extinction. Rather than stick up a poster, she screen-printed different plant species onto a wooden floor in tones that matched that of the timber.

They disappear until a ray of sunshine hits them…


The UV rays in the sunlight bring the plants to life in Hide and Seek by Solenne Morigeaud


The UV light causes the photochromic paint to change into vivid colour so the plants literally bursts into life in the sunlight.


Colours pop as the sunlight touches the plant in Hide and Seek by Solenne Morigeaud


I think it’s a really clever way to show how a nature reacts to its environment and indeed the more profound thought that our attention to the cause is like the sunshine.

Without it the endangered species will just fade into the shadows and chances are, by the time we realise, it will be too late and they will be gone forever.