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Thomas Nast – the man who drew Santa Claus

Father Christmas runs through his pre-flight checks with a mug of cocoa in hand.
The reindeers have their last big meal before the all night epic annual journey around the world.
The elves make sure that all the presents are loaded and safely stored.
Mrs Claus puts Santa’s big red jacket and boots by the radiator so they are nice and warm when it’s time for his adventure to begin.


Children around the world vow to stay awake to catch a glimpse of the legendary figure…


"Merry Old Santa Claus" by Thomas Nast from Harpers Weekly 1st Jan 1881

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Will 2012 be the year of the artisan & craftsman?

As the rain continues to fall I can’t help but think of floods that swept through Queensland at the start of this year. I was lucky that my home wasn’t damaged but I got to see firsthand the damage it did in my local area. I have clients who are only now getting back into their homes.


Is this rain making them feel a bit nervous? Yes of course but as one client said it forces you to really evaluate what is important in your life and what you want for your future. Continue reading

Phoenix Roadster by Kenneth Cobonpue & Alberth Birkner: The first biodegradable car design


When it comes to progress the hardest part is often that first step. When you think of the automotive industry it’s unlikely that the words “sustainability” and “hand crafted” spring to mind. Imagine if that was all to change.

What’s that I hear you say… Too hard! Impossible! It’ll never happen!

Well the highly talented Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue (famous for his incredible use of natural fibres like rattan) has teamed up with Alberth Birkner to take us on that first step.

Meet the Phoenix Roadster.


Phoenix Roadster Concept Car by Kenneth Cobonpue and Alberth Birkner (image from Kenneth Cobonpue)

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