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Eva Solo Table Grill

Tomorrow is the first day of summer…

And the first day of December…

I still haven’t quite got used to the fact that I won’t be battling the cold from under a huge overcoat, crunching through the winter snow.


For me, one of the great joys of a Summer Christmas in Australia is fresh seafood on the BBQ as close to the beach as possible. The salt air is invigorating and somehow manages to make everything taste just that little bit better.


I have been on the hunt for a Grill or BBQ that is both portable and stylish to make that sunset tapas feast of fresh prawns that little bit more wonderful…


Eva Solo Table Grill (image from Eva Solo)

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Art Prints by Ellis Benson – typography with a twist…

I wonder if there is a word for that wonderful feeling of surprise and joy that hits you when you realise that there is more to what you are looking at than you first thought. That is the feeling I got when I looked at “Pursuit of Happiness” by Ellis Benson.


Pursuit of Happiness in Teal by Ellis Benson (image from Ellis Benson)


To set the scene, I was trying to find something a little unusual for a client who is a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. The open plan living/dining room has quite a contemporary feel so I was looking at something that had a bold yet clean graphic, with a punch of colour. Continue reading

Designing for all the key 5 senses…

We interact with the world around us through our 5 basic senses: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch and Taste. It seems strange therefore that when it comes to designing a space most people focus just on the visual elements of the design.


Fair enough, for the majority of people Sight is our most used sense. A room that doesn’t engage this through colour, shape and form will never work.


The Five Senses by Hans Makart (image from the Belvedere Museum)


But if that is the only sense that is stimulated then think of those extra dimensions we are losing out on. Continue reading

The Finders Keepers Brisbane Market Spring/Summer 2011

The Finder Keepers Market Spring/Summer 2011 - Brisbane (artwork by The Hungry Workshop)

Brisbane bower birds and treasure hunters can once again rejoice as the Old Museum will play host to the legendary Finders Keepers design & art markets. They are a brilliant place to see genuine Australian talent overflowing in almost every creative form. This is your chance to meet some great independent artists and designers and see their work first hand. Continue reading