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The legend of the Jack O’ Lantern and the mastery of Ray Villafane…

Happy Halloween!


"When I Was a Pumpkin" by Josh Tuininga (


Now I must confess I don’t live in a decaying castle in Transylvania but there is something about Halloween I love. It may be the excuse to dress as The Count, cloak flowing and fangs chomping or perhaps the opportunity to liberally cover myself in fake blood and wonder around in a zombie-like fashion.


"Trick or Treat" by Radojavor (image from deviant ART)


Halloween isn’t complete for me without a carved pumpkin or Jack-O’-Lantern. I love the amazing story about the origins of the lantern. It is said to come from an Irish tale about a master manipulator and general ne’er do well called Jack.

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Type Maps by Bold & Noble – chart your own adventures…

In the world of interior design & decoration there are two things I am always on the hunt for on my travels…
Anything to do with Cartography & Typography.


Maybe it’s the nomadic traveller in me but there is something about maps which I find fascinating. I love maps that depict the places I have been – I think it is the visual reminder that allows me to relive the adventures I have had.


Ireland Type Map by Bold & Noble (image from Bold & Noble)


Imagine my delight when I came across the amazing Type Maps – my two loves combined in such a unique way. This take on typography and cartography lives up to the company name. It is both Bold and Noble. Continue reading

Cuore Carafes by Liviana Osti

When Paolo C, a Milan shop that specialises in beautiful tableware, set a challenge to design a tableware item around the themes of  eating habits and health I doubt they were expecting the response from the super talented Italian Designer Liviana Osti.

Liviana Osti wanted to explore the importance of the heart in our daily lives. We now live in a time where stress, poor diet and general excess is responsible for obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.


Cuore Carafes by Liviana Osti (image from artist)


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Karton – thinking outside the cardboard box

This last week has been a bit frantic as we have moved offices. I don’t enjoy the actual moving process but I do love being in a new place and thinking of all the possibilities to create a space that I am excited to work in.


I am a big believer that you should live in a space first to get a real feel for it and to find out how best to make it work for you. What seems like a fantastic idea in the day dreaming stage of the design, can become a costly mistake once you start making your mark if you rush the process.


So the dilemma that I was faced with was how to make a fully functioning office that can be temporary in design. This would allow me to actually experience the space before I source the furniture that will be the right long term solution. I also wanted to make a point of being as green as possible in this transitional phase.


The solution is simple… cardboard!


Well more precisely Karton Cardboard Furniture. This brilliant Melbourne based online store has everything from beds, tables and storage solutions all made out of cardboard.


Karton Office (image from Karton Cardboard Furniture)

The Karton Office with the Chairmans Table (image from Karton Cardboard Furniture)

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