Monthly Archives: September 2011

Off-Cuts Ottoman by Beau Comelli

There is something wonderful when a designer takes what was once waste destined for the skip and upcycles it to create something worthwhile and unique.

 A classic example is this ottoman created by Melbourne designer Beau Comelli


Off Cut Ottoman by Beau Comelli (image from designer)

Any guesses what it used to be? Continue reading

Stacking Vessels 2 by Pis Wustenberg

There is something magical about the latest work by German born, London based designer Pia Wustenberg. Her Stacking Vessels 2 are an inspiring collection of vases.

Stacking Vessels 2 by Pia Wustenberg (image from piadesign)


What makes them so exciting for me is that they each combine three distinctive elements and individual crafts to make them. The first is the hand turned wood, then blown glass and finally thrown clay.
Each is beautiful in its own right but combined they create something quite unique. Continue reading

9/11 – A decade on…

It was a Tuesday morning in September, 2001. It started out as just another normal day.

The morning sunlight through the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre

That was until hijackers, in a coordinated attack, flew two passenger planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Continue reading

Plumen 001 – The first designer energy saving light bulb

All this talking about lights and saving energy has got me thinking about the actual light bulbs. Let’s face it, however good they are for the environment the energy saving bulb isn’t exactly beautiful.


Energy Saving Lightbulbs (image from Health Protection Agency)


Ok so it’s very much about function – it lasts longer and uses less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb but does that mean it shouldn’t embrace a little bit of style? Continue reading