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Nestrest by Dedon – your personal escape pod

Just imagine its a beautiful sunny day. You walk out into the garden, favourite book tucked under one arm, glass of your prefered single malt firmly in hand… where do you go?

a)      The hammock

b)      The daybed

c)       The giant tree house you built for yourself and are still getting slightly odd looks when your friends come over…

Your Chill-Out Options


Imagine there was an option that combined them all. Continue reading

Happy Easter

Easter means different things for different people. For some, it is a purely religious time…

Jesus on the Cross

For others, there are political implications… Continue reading

The Story of Stuff


The job this week has really got me thinking about Stuff. In particular, what is it that makes people desire the latest “bright & shiny” in place of their trusted and well loved possessions. Don’t get me wrong – things age and need to be replaced. I have no problem with that. My problem lies with a need to “keep up with the Joneses”… 

Keeping up with the Joneses (illustration by Allan Sanders)

It can become an endless cycle of buying the latest and greatest. No sooner have you ripped it out of the box, than it is out of date and so the cycle continues again. If we set aside our rose coloured glasses and pop on the green tinted ones – it is easy to see how this can all go a bit pear shaped. One planet with limited natural resources which are being used at an ever faster rate = A need to do a major rethink. Continue reading

Remove the Stuff and free up your life…

If there is one thing the Queensland Floods taught me (other than Noah was on the money when it rains a lot) is that people as a whole accumumate a lot of stuff. Some of it is treasured memories but a lot is the result of impulse purchasing when viewing late night TV!

This week I have been working with a client that has relocated from her sprawling 4 bedroom house in suburbia to a hot inner city pad. The obvious problem was that she had too much “stuff” and now no place to dump err I mean store it.

I am sure if you look around your own home you will likely have a spare bedroom or at the very least a closet overflowing with things. At some point they were valued additions to our life but now they end up spending the rest of their life hidden away in draws or cupboards to surface ever once in a while only to be replaced because they fit in the “I might need that one day” box. Continue reading

War & Peace – The Evolution of the Emeco Navy Chair

I have a confession – I love to visit my local Corporate Culture showroom. It is a chance to marvel at truly inspiring furniture design. They have room after room of magic, and the brilliant curators (as I call the staff) can tell you all you want to know about each beautiful piece. This time I was captivated by one of my all time favourite chairs – the Emeco 1006 (pronounced “ten-oh-six”) or better known as the Navy chair.

The Famous Emeco 1006 (aka the Navy Chair)

If chairs were the ancient Greek city states, then the Navy chair would surely be Sparta. It was born for a life at war. Built for function, not beauty. The stories that surround it are legendary. And its place in the list of design classics is as well deserved as the heroic status of the Spartans after the Battle of Thermopylae. Continue reading