Monthly Archives: December 2010

Spun by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis

I love it when something appears at first glance to be one thing and then on closer inspection reveals its true purpose. When I saw “Spun” by British designer Thomas Heatherwick for Magis I immediately thought of a spinning top.

Handmade Wooden Spinning Tops


As it stood upright and proud it looked like a sculptural work of art. It was only on closer inspection did I realise it was a chair. But not just any chair… a chair with a definite desire to have fun! Continue reading

Christmas Cheer

Growing up in Ireland I used to dream of a white Christmas. I wanted Santa to really be dashing through the snow in his convertible sleigh. Now all I want is a green Christmas. 


So how can you get the essential Christmas vibe without it costing the earth? 


Simple, think outside the square. 


First you need a tree…  Continue reading