Monthly Archives: November 2010

Nils Nova – Artist

As a designer I love to play with the visual concept of space. In some cases the idea is to make a space feel snug and cosy, while at other times it is all about an abundance of light and space.

Sun Room Illusion by Nils Nova


When it comes to playing with our perception of space, there is no greater magician than Nils Novs. If anyone could build the Tardis out of Doctor Who, it would be him.  With his giant installations he can change a space completely. Continue reading

The new way to travel around town…

We all know it would be better on the environment if everyone cycled around town instead of getting in their car.

City Smog


If you were told you had to speed around town on a push bike I imagine you would secretly want it to be on some sci-fi designed, light as a feather machine that will fly like the wind… Continue reading

Colour Inspiration from Artist James McLaughlin Way

Neutral Grey Living Room by designer Susan Ferrier

I love seeing a space that conjures up real atmosphere. For me Designer, Susan Ferrier is extremely gifted at using a neutral, pared back palate to maximum effect. Continue reading

Andy Geppert – Illustrator

There is something wonderfully inspiring about the work of Brisbane based illustrator Andy Geppert. He manages to create truly timeless characters that will speak directly to your inner child.  Each piece is whimsical and interesting.

The Caterpillar and the leaf by Andy Geppert


With over 10 years as one of the top Creative Art Directors, it is no great surprise that he is versatile and inventive. What is exciting is that he has taken these skills in such a stimulating direction. Continue reading

D’Espresso (New York) Coffee Shop – A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It may seem strange that a small 40 m2 coffee shop in New York has exploded onto the design world map. The concept of the book lined shelves and a wooden floor has its definite charm but is it real design magic?

D'Espresso Coffee Shop with book lined shelves

The secret is that designers Nema Workshop turned the idea on its side. Literally… The parquetry floor becomes a wall and book lined shelves become the floor, wall and ceiling thanks to custom designed tiles with life size images of books. I love the attention to detail with the “ceiling” lights. Continue reading