Industrial Design – Cement Pendant Light by unit-berlin

I would love to have seen the brief given to unit-berlin for the conversion of the former Hungarian cultural centre in Berlin into the .HBC – it is part art project space, part entertainment venue with 3 bars and a restaurant.

The show stealer for this industrial space has to be the custom made lights in the restaurant.

Concrete Pendant Light (image from unit-berlin)

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Mr Cooper Pendant Light by Coco Flip

I really believe 2012 will be the year of the artisan & craftsman. One of the shining lights in the Australian design world is the every talented Melbourne designer Kate Stokes of Coco Flip. Her philosophy in design is based on the Swedish word “Lagom” which roughly translates as “just right”.


It is said the word came from the Viking era to describe how much mead you should drink as the horn was passed around, but I digress…


Whilst there is definitely a place for chrome and glass, it is copper that I love. Be it a chair by Thomas Heatherwick, a unique bowl or in the case of Coco Flip’s latest bit of magic the Mr Cooper Spun Copper Pendant Light


Mr Cooper spun copper pendant light by Coco Flip (image by Haydn Cattach from Coco Flip)

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The legend of the Jack O’ Lantern and the mastery of Ray Villafane…

Happy Halloween!


"When I Was a Pumpkin" by Josh Tuininga (


Now I must confess I don’t live in a decaying castle in Transylvania but there is something about Halloween I love. It may be the excuse to dress as The Count, cloak flowing and fangs chomping or perhaps the opportunity to liberally cover myself in fake blood and wonder around in a zombie-like fashion.


"Trick or Treat" by Radojavor (image from deviant ART)


Halloween isn’t complete for me without a carved pumpkin or Jack-O’-Lantern. I love the amazing story about the origins of the lantern. It is said to come from an Irish tale about a master manipulator and general ne’er do well called Jack.

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Plumen 001 – The first designer energy saving light bulb

All this talking about lights and saving energy has got me thinking about the actual light bulbs. Let’s face it, however good they are for the environment the energy saving bulb isn’t exactly beautiful.


Energy Saving Lightbulbs (image from Health Protection Agency)


Ok so it’s very much about function – it lasts longer and uses less energy than the traditional incandescent light bulb but does that mean it shouldn’t embrace a little bit of style? Continue reading

Speed Light by Brett Coelho

Melbourne based artist Brett Coelho is one of those designers that inspires me to observe the world around me and to seek beauty where others would walk on by.

He is a master at working with found materials to create bold and contemporary pieces.

Take his latest lighting creation, the Speed Light – recycled street signs (legally sourced) have been cut and hand folded to create these amazing lights.


Speed Light by Brett Coelho (image from artist)

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