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Potter Light by Bruce Rowe – was necessity the mother of invention?

History doesn’t relate to how the Potter Light came to be.

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)


I like to imagine it was the result of architect and artist Bruce Rowe (of MAKE Architecture and Anchor Ceramics) trying to find the right light for a job…

And when he couldn’t, necessity became the mother of invention and he took a seat behind his potter’s wheel and created his own. Continue reading

Challenge accepted!

One of the jobs I do for my clients is Item Sourcing.
Often the client will send me a photo with a request to track down something in it.

Today I have been sent this photo and challenged to find:

  • the chairs
  • the light
  • the wallpaper


The Challenge... (image from Heal's)

The Challenge… (image from Heal’s)

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Keep Calm and Therese Sennerholt

Today I have been on the hunt for some interesting posters or artwork for a buzzing home office. Every time I visit the client I am conscious of what a hive of activity it is. It’s always GO, GO GO!

The brief: “Something to add a sense of calm, motivation and interest…”

Type in the words “Calm” and “Poster” and every search will come up with “Keep Calm and …”


"Keep Calm and Carry On" - the original 1939 propogranda poster...

“Keep Calm and Carry On” – the original 1939 propogranda poster…


I loved the original concept but now it seems the message has reached saturation. It is emblazoned across everything from coffee mugs to iPad covers. It’s time for something new. Continue reading

Seeing is believing (or is it?)

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.” M.C. Escher (Dutch graphic artist)

Chicago based Graphic Designer, Thomas Quinn has played with our notion of reality with his creative anamorphic typography project.


"Face Reality As It Is" by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)

“Face Reality As It Is” by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)


I love that in the right spot the message is crystal clear but a single step shatters the image… Continue reading

How do you bring Mother Nature to a small office space?

As humans we thrive when surrounded by mother nature. There is nothing new in me telling you that that.

Its all great in theory and then you find yourself sitting in your office cubicle feeling a bit like the mouse on the running wheel and not a Sky Planter or Woolly Pocket in sight…


Bad office layout and a lack of greenery has been proven time and again to have a direct correlation to:

  • high staff turnover
  • increased sick days
  • higher levels of stress
  • poor concentration
  • lower work efficiency

Not great for the business owner or the staff.


Nidolab (an Argentine architecture and interior design firm) have taken the challenge and with just 54 m2 have created this space:

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